Business Preparation

We’re available to properly educate you of Payroll, Bookkeeping, Unemployment, and other Accounting needs in an unbiased and transparent environment.

When we work together as a team, anything is possible!

Bookkeeping & Reconciliation

Bookkeeping involves recording financial transactions; is part of the process of accounting in businesses and organizations. Reconciliation of accounts is to ensure two sets of transaction records are in agreement; used to correctly record the amount leaving is accurate to actual money spent.

Financial Statement Preparation

Statements offered include Business Sales, Purchase Agreements, Corporate Minutes, and more.

Tax Preparation

Preparing your income tax returns for personal and business filings. Filings available (by appointment) in person, phone call or virtual.

*Client safety is our priority. For all appointment bookings, please contact our office. Virtual appointments will continue to be offered via Zoom.*


We’ll create a financial plan to include expenses, assets and liabilities.

Incorporation & Business Creation

A service offered to incorporate your new business as an LLC, Corporation and others. Also offered, business planning and budgeting. Bookkeeping N Beyond networks with a catalog of organizations that offer varying services needed in business start ups.

Business Sales & Divisions

Learn and discuss product sales, services to offer and more!

Bookkeeping-N-Beyond networks closely with organizations who offer services such as business banking, business insurance, business investing, etc.