Personal Preparation

Providing guidance in your personal finances, helping reach goals, and being your “go to” for prayers and laughter. We look forward to assisting you in all matters, big or small!

Tax Preparation

Preparing your income tax returns for personal filings. Filings available (by appointment) in person, phone call or virtual.

*Client safety is our priority. For all appointment bookings, please contact our office. Virtual appointments will continue to be offered via Zoom.*


Personal budgeting varies from person to person, family to family. A personal budget references a financial plan allocating future income towards expenses, savings and debts.

Mediation Services

Mediation services are a form of alternative family/spousal dispute resolutions. Third party involvement from an experienced professional often helps aid in the individuals decision making and boundaries.

Document Review & Writing

Document Review & writing to include case representation, mediation services, and more.

Bookkeeping-N-Beyond networks closely with organizations who offer services such as lending/financing, insurance, investing, financial advising, etc.